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We are a TEAM of experienced IT professionals, community experts and human talent acquisition managers, matching companies with the best diverse talent in tech.

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Sharing Tribe is specialized in matching workforce with complementary hard and soft skills in the IT industry, especially data science. We help you to build a tandem of highly qualified employees or external candidates at any time. Sign up now to learn how to get more talent, tailored to your needs.


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Create a company profile you can use to faster attract and retain your talents. Reduce your overall recruitment process! We make it easy for your to share your latest job postings, details about your companies culture, interviews, and articles with our network of international women in tech.


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Are you a professional looking for a part-time or job sharing position in Switzerland? Do you find it hard to get part-time jobs and, once you have such a job, to not work overtime? We help you build a sustainable career in IT and find your perfect pair.



We organize or participate in different events, where we talk about Diversity and Inclusion, Part-Time and Job-Sharing models and Women in Tech. Here you can find a list of upcoming events, where we will be present – meet us there or join our insightful webinars and community events.

TESTIMONIALS: From people sharing their jobs

In job sharing model it is very important that the chemistry is right and that the tandem has the same values. Clear areas of responsibility help to become even more effective. I definitely agree that two heads are better than one and four eyes see better than just two.
Co-Lead Business Owner, Telecommunication industry
We did a few personality analyses to find out why we can work so well together. It was incredibly interesting because we are both very analytical. This key characteristic makes us special. On this level we really matched and understood each other immediately.
Co-Lead Service Marketing, IT
Thanks to job sharing, I have a super exciting and challenging job where I can utilize all of my skills. I am also very grateful that I can work with a trustworthy partner and can rely on him. Through our job sharing, we achieve the double power that you normally don’t have on your own. Last but not least, in addition to the job, I am studying for my master’s degree and also have enough time for my family. All of this gives me great motivation to continue working in the job-sharing model.
Product Owner, Telecommunication industry


Being a Founder Institute Graduate Company is a seal of approval signifying that the company’s founders, mission, model, and plans have been validated by experienced founders and CEOs.

Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator and runs an extremely challenging program that less than 30% of participants manage to graduate.

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