How to find your Job Sharing Partner in the company you work for

Job sharing is a future way of working. That means, two people form a well-established team with each other, share the knowledge, success and responsibility and complete the tasks together. Even more, the outcome that two people achieve together is more than their cumulative individual outcomes when they work separately.

From many hours spent interviewing customers, conducting surveys and desk research, we know that finding a job share partner and getting the supervisor and the entire organization on board is most straightforward when done within the company. We applied this approach to one of our B2B customers, a leading global telecommunications company.

What does the B2B2C process look like? 

Depending on the company’s needs, we start with “Identify & Plan” or “Inform & Educate” workshops. The first one will enable HR and Business managers to evaluate the most urgent needs and identify the best solutions to implement. In addition, it will speed up the transformation of the organization to support a better and more diversity-friendly model of work.

The next one, “Inform & Educate” is a one to two hours long virtual event, to enable companies to raise awareness and positive contribution of part-time and Diversity & Inclusion topics in their working environment.

Train & Equip” workshops are for HR and DEI managers to learn how to best implement a part-time recruiting strategy. They will enable them to raise the success of their hiring strategy and develop a culture of diversity and inclusion in the organization.

Based on our previous community-building experiences and expertise, we have developed a global community to promote well-being at work and balance with private life. We introduce the community in the client’s organization and connect and match their talents.

After a successful match, talents are onboarded, mentored, and trained by the Sharing Tribe team, and we will make sure that all their concerns and questions are addressed and answered.

Also, talents we coach become members of our community and are welcome to become coaches for the next tandems as well.

So now, get started!

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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the job sharing model and try it out for yourself, then please join our community, apply for open jobs, post a free job ad on our platform, register as a company or contact us to make an appointment.