Sharing Tribe is launched


My name is Maja and I am a part-time working mom in tech.

I draw my inspiration from 20 years of hands-on experience in IT and a proven track record in software development, agile leadership, and product development. I’m an energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic person who seeks pragmatic solutions even in difficult situations.
Through the active engagement with diverse women in tech networks, I gathered lots of practical insights that I want to channel into a purposeful and meaningful future of the flexible workforce.

A month ago I’ve embarked on a journey to fulfill my long-lasting wish to become an entrepreneur. By joining the Founder’s Institute world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator program, I know and feel I’m at the right place where I will learn, strive, grow, and ultimately succeed. 

With my startup, I want to enable businesses and candidates in a job-sharing model.

My vision is in the building of a vibrant, supportive and learning community and fully digitizing the recruitment process for the part-time and job-sharing positions. Businesses get access to an untapped and flexible talent pool and start generating higher revenue thanks to increased innovation potential.

Candidates get access to job sharing positions, learn from each other and find a job-sharing partner for their dream position so they can build an efficient and long-lasting workforce. 

I am currently focusing on customer development.
The research shows that by not experiencing a balanced gender diversity 20 % of qualified women in tech leave their jobs which leads to a dry labor market and women not exploiting their potential to the fullest.

Also, many tech companies can’t find enough qualified data scientists and they are usually searching for a “one size fits all” type of candidate that is very hard to find. They simply don’t know where and how to solve this problem.


  • Unemployed qualified women in tech, e.g. data analytics, engineering, and data science, are not sure how and where to search for a part-time job.
  • Lots of tech companies plan to increase the current low percentage (often less than 10 or even less than 4 %) of female and gender diverse workforce in technical positions. 

After I’ve validated the customer problems and assumptions and prioritized my work towards solving the most acute problem, I will start working on the first MVP (minimum viable product). 

Thank you for your time,