The power of mentorship


How to help women in underrepresented groups to achieve their goals? What is your inner voice and how to find it? How important is coaching and mentoring towards shaping diversity&inclusion space in the companies and society?

Our special guest, Claudia Bruce-Quartey, who is Account Executive for MuleSoft, Strategic Networker and Motivational Coach, shared with us her experiences and knowledge on importance of mentoring and coaching to become better you as a person and as a leader.

Claudia graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Project Management from Universite Aix-Marseille-Université and earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science BA at the Leibniz University Hannover.

As a youth mentor and motivational coach, it has always been her aspiration to help people find their inner voice and light despite their current situation. Claudia believes in mentoring and her greatest reward is seeing the person in front of you as a much better version and taking honest steps towards their goals.

During our webinar we heard some great insights from Claudia on mentorship & coaching and how to become a great leader:

Q: How to find your inner voice?
A: Our inner voice presents our skills & powers: how can a person be more and do more to achieve goals. And this voice needs to be nurtured and mentored. Good mentor is able to help one find herself/himself as a person and find herself/himself as a leader. Be aware of what you are bringing to the table and nurture it.

Q: What is the difference between coaching and mentorship?
A: Coach can help you understand what your strenghts are and who you are. Mentorship can go beyond that: mentor can help you build a big picture about yourself and make you work harder for yourself. She/he shapes you and helps you understand what kind of player are you becoming on the field. 

The responsibilities of outcome lies on mentee. Think about what you want out of the situation and go into it with the end goal in mind. Acknowledge where you stand in your life and match your mentor towards your goals.

Q: How can one see herself/himself as a leader?
A: When you impact the people and you change people’s lives, you are leading. If you want to become a good leader, you should ask yourself when leaving the room: what do I leave the audience with.
Leadership is a fluid journey: you have to nurture your skills and your emotions. If a situation makes you too emotional, take these steps: keep quiet, retreat, come back to get the power back over the situation.

For the conclusion Claudia gave great advice: The power belongs to you. If you cannot apply the power at one place, find another to apply it.