Sharing Talents



What is a Sharing Tribe Ambassador? The Ambassador is an experienced professional who shares our mindset on the importance of work-life balance and new working models like part-time and job-sharing.

What the Program Offers? Our Ambassadors gain access to the inspiring and growing community of diverse talents and experts and get featured in our events or articles. They share our messages and views in the public and on our social media channels. They prove the excellency and credibility of our business. 


What is a Sharing Tribe Community Coach? The Community Coach is an experienced professional who helps our members improve their chances of landing their best job by assisting on job applications, preparing for interviews or brushing up on hard or soft skills. 

Above all, an essential part of being our Coach is that you are passionate about education and technology, you are committed to empowering women and are willing to dedicate time to be a mentor and coach to the SharingTribe members.

What the Program Offers?  Community Coaches gain valuable experience through networking and learning opportunities, hands-on experience, leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and training in 21st century workforce skills. In several cases Coaches are compensated with a commission.