Does your recruitment take too long? Have you been trying to fill full-time positions for some time? Maybe you have realized that your valued employees want to reduce their work time? You don’t want to lose them, but the position requires 100% coverage.

This is why you should consider exploring part-time and job-sharing models. These models enable you to keep your employee on payroll, make them happy, and avoid the burden (and cost) of having to recruit and train somebody new from scratch, as your current employees will help in the process.

Sharing Tribe brings together companies and candidates in a job-sharing model by matching skills and role requirements for an ideal fit. Our matching platform utilizes emerging technology to solve recruitment and retention challenges and help companies achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

We believe companies should focus on their core business and use Sharing Tribe to build a skilled team by:

  • Quickly posting jobs
  • Getting support from our talent acquisition team
  • Extending your internal talent pool
  • Excelling in talent attraction, development and retention
  • Finding the best external candidates from our talent pool

You can also add your employees to the pool so that they can find a trustworthy place for their ideal job and build their confidence in their values. In fact, we have a lot of experience in helping companies to leverage and further develop the strengths of their internal workforce.

Career Growth

Job sharing allows employees to work reduced-hour schedules yet maintain job skills, preserve job status,
and remain eligible for advancement
within their careers.


Job-sharing partners
can create alternative work schedules and adapt their working schedules around their private life, hobbies or studies.


Job sharing partners are able to fully switch off
on their days off, allowing them to arrive at work feeling focused and productive, without the stress of catching up on missed work or needing to stretch beyond their contracted hours.

be a forward looking company.
join others
THAT already offer job sharing positions.