Learn more about job sharing, workplace flexibility, its benefits, and the skills that employees use to accomplish higher outcomes.

How to empower a flexible and productive workforce

On November 25th, 2022, we held our onsite event in a joint collaboration with WeCoCo community and their founder Patrycja Pielaszek. 

Over the past years, and especially during covid-19, it has been proven that workers don’t have to work full-time in an office to be productive and trustworthy. Companies and workers around the world have seized new business opportunities and taken the leap into the world of remote, hybrid and flexible work.

10 steps to convince your employer about job sharing

In 2020, it was proven that workers don’t have to be in an office full-time to be productive and trustworthy employees. So why would the job sharing case be much different? How can staff convince their employers to continue with the flexible workforce revolution and let them work in job sharing?

Be like ... our founder

Our founder gave an interview to Be like Grace community. 

How to find your job sharing partner

From many hours spent interviewing customers, conducting surveys and desk research, we know that finding a job share partner and getting the supervisor and the entire organization on board is most straightforward when done within the company. 

3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Flexible Work Strategy

Flexible work is here to stay and is a prerequisite to remaining relevant as an employer and as a company.

Luciana managed to keep the work and private life balance without sacrificing much. 5 yrs later, she got her 2nd child and realized, that going back to work seemed to be an impossible mountain to climb, even in a 80% working model. 

After taking maternity leave with my first baby, I wanted to go back to work in a position that matched my experience and skills, but also gave me enough flexibility and time for my family obligations. I needed a job that would be as fulfilling and challenging as the one I was used to.

On the importance of community and that together we are stronger

When team members communicate, cooperate and collaborate, shared team accountability is achievable.

Talking about data and how it can change lives

“If we want to have a more inclusive IT world, then it begins with the people we have around us today. Women and people from underrepresented communities are often left out so it is our purpose to break the walls.”, says Caroline Williams, a founder of The Do Good Only Company, a social enterprise focused on digital inclusion, based in the Netherlands.

A guide to choosing the right data science position

In data science, you can end up in many different types of positions. They all have varying responsibilities, different careers and busyness. But if you are not in the type of position you enjoy, you might end up unhappy.

In this blog Mısra Turp summarized a list of common types of positions for data scientists.

The power of mentorship

Claudia Bruce-Quartey is a youth mentor and motivational coach and it has always been her aspiration to help people find their inner voice and light despite their current situation. Claudia believes in mentoring and her greatest reward is seeing the person in front of you as a much better version and taking honest steps towards their goals.

Mentorship initiatives support Diversity & Inclusion and is good for all, also for women!

How does Mentoring programs or Mentorship play and contribute to the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and to the success of an organization?

Entrepreneurship myth-busting

Ingeborg Gasser-Kriss, a Senior Innovation Advisor, Board member at SV Group and Alver World and Co-Director at Founder Institute Zurich, recently shared with us what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and why are women less likely to believe they have what it takes?

The untapped potential of Job Sharing

Isabelle Litzler invited Maja to talk in her podcast Home Office about leveraging job sharing to develop Human Resource Effectiveness.

Flexible work, part-time and Job Sharing models

Working flexibly – what does that mean?

Patricia Widmer, a Program Director for Diversity and Management Programs at the Executive School of Management, Technology & Law at the University of St. Gallen, shared with us her learnings and experiences around Diversity & Inclusion, flexible workforce and a few tips on relaunching your career.

Take the risk and go for it

Why is it important to have the courage and take the risk to achieve your fulfilled career?

Awesome Sandra Frandon, a former HP employee, shared with us great advice and lessons learned from her job-sharing experience.​

Interview: Part-time and job-sharing working models

Maja Schreiner gave two part interview in May 2020 to Rebeca Gelencser, a founder of a Career networking for women.

Importance of self organization

A typical self-organizing job-sharing team should embrace these traits: focus, collaboration, trust and respect and much more.