Entrepreneurial DNA

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Why are women less likely to believe they have what it takes to be entrepreneur?

Our guest speaker, Ingeborg Gasser-Kriss, who is a Senior Innovation Advisor, Board member @ SV Group and Alver World and Co-Director at Founder Institute Zurich, shared with us interesting insights into characteristics that correspond positively entrepreneurial success.

These are the main traits:

1. Professional Experience = be a master of your domain.
2. High Fluid Intelligence = be agile and quick to change; don’t be attached to what you think – mental agility.
3. High Openness = seek experiences, knowledge, change; be open to new things and to feedback.
4. Moderate Agreeableness = be able to balance collaboration with conflicts.

We also learned main reasons, why do startups fail:

1. The founder gives up.
2. Team that doesn’t work together.
3. Company not growing fast enough OR growing too fast.