Meet The Flexible Workforce: Bridging Talent Gap


Over the past years, and especially during covid-19, it has been proven that workers don’t have to work full-time in an office to be productive and trustworthy. Companies and workers around the world have seized new business opportunities and taken the leap into the world of remote, hybrid and flexible work. 

However, there are still many challenges that women in particular face along the way, such as career advancement and pay disparity. But what happens when women are able to unleash their knowledge and skills and are given the tools to drive change? In 2022, we partnered with a major IT and telecommunications company to launch our unique and end-to-end flexible workforce process – a program designed to give everyone the chance to be innovative, more productive, happier and healthier; including every motivated employee.

With the help of the Sharing Tribe experts, a major IT company is applying part-time work and job-sharing practices to increase the number of women in its workforce.

Learn about the flexible workforce – a way for companies to tap into the talent pools of skilled, diverse and motivated junior and senior talent in a society where burn-on and burn-out have become major challenges.

After considering the key needs and challenges of executives, middle managers, employees and human resources business partners, we applied a customized process to address and solve them. The three main pillars: Education, a community-driven matching platform, and group coaching and onboarding helped employees leverage the strengths of their part-time and job-sharing partnerships and become better together. It also helped their line managers save more time in people management and coordination, as employees were empowered and enabled to take and share more responsibility. 

Our program has helped these diverse employees by providing them with an opportunity to develop and conceptualize how they work together. Martina (*), an expert in supply chain processes, now has a portfolio career within the same company, which means that she continues to work in her main role while spending one working day in a second team and SAP project to learn new skills, but also to push the mutual and necessary knowledge transfer and synergies between both teams. In the new SAP team, she is closely supported and trained by two experienced colleagues. The aim is for Martina to gradually increase her working days in the new team. Martin, a backend engineer, has shown the motivation to continue his education in data warehousing and data science and has now begun training his new teammate and sharing his work 50/50 to free up more time for his upskilling in the long run. Of course, all of these teams are supported by their direct supervisors. 

Along the way, the main process has been standardized for general use. The Sharing Tribe team is now working on further developing a platform for other customers and prospects. The platform is intended to be an information and education hub, as well as a contact point to support employees and their teams as they navigate different phases and circumstances in their flexible working lives, and create a true connection between colleagues. It also highlights each company’s role as an employee-friendly employer and Sharing Tribe hopes that this will set an example for other companies to follow.

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(*) Names changed 

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