3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Flexible Work Strategy

Does your company have a flexible work strategy?

If not, it’s time to design and implement one. The sooner, the better.

The pandemic took a heavy toll on employees, and in particular on people with additional caregiving responsibilities. The sudden switch from traditional workplaces to remote work has brought many challenges, from redefining team dynamics to creating workstations in the kitchen or bedroom and juggling homeschooling and elderly care.    

Recent surveys show that high percentages of employees struggle with mental health issues and burnout.

We all need to process the collective trauma and transition to a new “normal.”  

Why do you need a flexible work strategy NOW?
1. Your employees deserve it. 

Employees’ well-being has to become a priority. They are the most valuable asset of your company and deserve recognition for the hard work and loyalty they’ve shown during the coronavirus pandemic. They need a vacation unencumbered by emails and the time to reconnect with their loved ones.   

Furthermore, the uncertainty related to new strains of covid (the Delta variant is already problematic in parts of Europe) requires intentional actions towards a better Work-Life Integration and preparedness for future pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns.

2. Beware of the talent shortage. 

Like many other European countries, Switzerland already experiences a significant talent shortage, especially in the tech industry. On the other hand, automation and digital transformation require upskilling and reskilling.

By implementing a flexible work strategy, you can tap into a larger, more diverse talent pool and set up upskilling and reskilling programs for your current employees.

3. Future-proof your Employer Branding

Work is being redefined everywhere in the world. Remote work, hybrid workplaces, the four-day work week, and job sharing are the main Future of Work trends. Moreover, GenZ and Millenials have higher expectations from their employers and prefer flexible work.

Flexible work is here to stay and is a prerequisite to remaining relevant as an employer and as a company.

Job sharing, the four-day week, flexible working hours in a remote or hybrid setting are excellent work models that can be adapted to your workforce needs. 

Get ready for the Future of Work!

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