Maja Schreiner’s interview in Fearless Fridays: From corporate life to helping women in tech

Anna S.E. Lundberg from One Step Outside talked with Maja on career transition in Fearless Fridays interview.

They talked about shared belief that employers should encourage, not hinder, their employees who want to pursue an interesting project alongside their work. This has benefits for the employee, for their job satisfaction and therefore retention, as well as having potential positive reverberations on the company and its work.

They also talked about the importance of working through any of those “what ifs” that we all have BEFORE we take the leap, ensuring that we have the support of our nearest and dearest, and getting expert guidance from a mentor or accelerator to get your business to where you want it to be.

Some excerpts from the interview:

Maja on:

  • biggest challenge when starting her own business

“The most important thing is to know that at the beginning, you might not be earning money with your business. You have to be quite clear what your budget is and for what time.”

“And what it also turned out to be is it’s even more than the full-time job. It’s almost like a 24/7 job.”

“Be clear about your budget, about your time, about your work-life balance and then be ready to do all those different things you might have not been doing full time before.”

  • support from leadership team

“For all bosses in the corporates, please do allow your ladies and your employees to do projects on the side because you never know how huge this project will get and what kind of impact they might even have on your enterprise, positive impact.”

  • best part of doing your own business

“Product development, even improving the design, getting all these different feedbacks and then last but not least making a decision because you might get all different feedbacks, regarding all different topics.”

You can watch the whole interview here: