Job-Sharing in Data Science

On our 10th anniversary webinar in July 2020 we have broaden the focus in skills-building around data science and data analysis.

Our community member Olena Bugaiova, who is a Data Science student at MITx, introduced the audience to the basics of data science and explained what activities are ideal to be done in the job-sharing model. Olena talked about:

1. What is Data Science

2. Domain Areas for Data Science / Data Analysis

3. Data Science Project Life Cycle

  • Identifying the problem
  • Collecting data
  • Preparing the data for analysis
  • Building a Machine Learning model
  • Presenting the model
  • Deploying the model for a general case

4. Thoughts on how the process can be split for job-sharing. -> You can see the orange highlighted phases on the below diagram.

We rounded the webinar with a Q & A.