Take the risk and go for it


On Friday June 26, Sandra Frandon, former HP employee, was sharing her experiences with job-sharing during her tenure at HP. 

The audience learned and heard about the importance of: 

  1. Taking the risk + ASKING + going for it.
  2. Being proactive. 
  3. Creativity + complementary skills.
  4. How Sandra and her job-sharing partner later got a promotion exactly because of their shared set of skills.
  5. The structure is king.
  6. Building a very strong transition phase while doing job-sharing. 
  7. Importance of using the collaboration/sharing tools in the cloud 
  8. Document everything. Don’t be afraid of over-documentation! 
    1. Shared e-mail – even if you do lose your identity. 🙂 
  9. Split 1:1 meeting with your boss on the same afternoon.